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Great Live Entertainment to Complete Your Day!

Live Jazz • Cigar/Scotch Night • Karaoke Night

Cigar Inn Jazz Club is the best place to unwind after a busy day at work with a fine cigar and scotch.  Every Wednesday is our Jazz, Cigar/Scotch Night.  Mingle with other cigar lovers and enjoy your favorite cigar and scotch while enjoying the sounds of great Jazz.  Join us every Thursday for our Live Blues & NFL Night.  Each Friday is our night of Live Jazz.  We feature some of the best talent in the St Louis area...that's our promise.  On Saturday, we do something a little different, enjoy a night of Karaoke.  Stop singing in the shower and come let the world hear you sing.  We promise, you'll have a great time. We close the week out with Cigars and Sports Sunday.  We'll have all the big games on the tubes...including NFL/NHL/NBA Network games.  Enhance your jazz/cigar experience.  

Our Selection of Live Entertainment Includes: 

  • Cigar Events
  • Comedy Shows  
  • Live Jazz and Blues
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Ladies Night
  • Networking Night
  • Scotch Tastings 
  • Karaoke Night

Join Us Wednesday through Sunday for a Good Time!


Contact us for more information or swing by to check us out!


"Imagine finding both love & friendship in one person..." - Unknown...

- Wednesday, 20 Nov...let us keep you warm and get you through the week...join us at our weekly Jazz, Cigars & Scotch Night!! Our pairing will be just what you need!!! The Glenlivet 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Torano Vault L-075 (robusto)!!! All for just $12!! Looking for something else...we got you covered...we have a vast selection of premium smokes...and the perfect scotch and/or bourbon!! Doors open at 6pm...event starts at 7:30pm...this event is FREE!

 - Thursday, 21 Nov...Come relax at the INN and enjoy our "Blues & NFL Night" Hosted by solo guitarist Vernon Williams...enjoy your fav cigar...we open at 6pm...entertainment starts at 7:30pm...we'll have the Thurs Night Colts Vs. Texans NFL Game on the big screens...we'll also have the NBA and NHL games on too!! This event is FREE...amazing drink specials...

- Friday, 22 Nov...enjoy an evening of "Live Jazz feat Josiah Joyce Trio" Mr. Joyce will be on the guitar and will have the pleasure of leading this unit...he will be joined by drummer Kathryn Yuill, and bassist Dusty Carlson...we're delighted to bring this unit back to the "Cave" and have them continue our 2019 Fall Jazz series...doors open @ starts at 9pm...stop by after dinner!!

- Saturday, 23 Nov...enjoy the long weekend and stick around and enjoy our weekly Karaoke Night @ the INN...with over 700k songs...get comfy and relax with your fav drink...and don't forget to enjoy a fine cigar! doors open at starts at 9pm...drink specials always...this event is FREE...bring your friends and out-of-town guests for a great time!!! We promise you will have a great time...hosted by Pro Trax Audio Entertainment.

- Sunday, 24 Nov...enjoy our weekly Jazz, Cigars and Sport's Sunday...Hide in the "Cave" and enjoy all of Sunday's big games...we'll have all the NFL football games (including NFL Network) and other sports programs on the big screens...12-7pm...drink specials and premium cigars...oh...and don't forget the great jazz...ladies enjoy a complimentary glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with your cigar purchase...join us!!!



Join us after work and relax in our seating area...we're  streaming FREE Wi-Fi


Thursday, 27 Nov...CLOSED  enjoy "NFL Night @ the INN" Come soak up the warm ambiance of the INN and watch the Thursday Night NFL game...let's put some smoke in the air...enjoy your beloved cigar and drink while watching this week's NFL matchup...Raiders vs Chiefs...Enjoy our seating area and join us for a great time...Remember...we're streaming Wi-Fi...drink specials...starts at 7:30pm..this event is FREE